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Data Analysis

Services related to : Research and development Identification Audit Indoor air quality Technical standard Microbiologic control

Analyse de donnéesAnalysis of textual data

Regulatory issues analysis, bibliographic synthesis, writing scientific papers require a high level of competence. In the field of mould, our expertise allows us to propose to you a well adapted offer to your needs by writing or reviewing for you this kind of document.

Analysis of digital data

We analyse samples for studies of different nature. After completion of measurements, a simplified analysis report is produced. We can also analyze the qualitative or quantitative data and provide interpretation of data, based on both our specialty expert mould, and mastery on data analysis methods and other mathematical techniques for data consolidation, or prediction (multivariate analysis, statistics, linear modeling).

Our database mastery also allows us to take into account the treatment of large data set and, for example, to compare your historical data set (a sufficient homogeneity of data is then necessary). To externalize our data traceability, we can build your own data history in maintaining a high level of privacy (monitoring, air quality and audit).

In the case of spatial data, we propose a mapping integrating analysis related (quality of indoor air, Audit).