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Services related to: Identification Microbiologic control Research and development Teaching / Learning Agroalimentaire

Agribusiness is a broad field involving humans in the production or modification of raw materials into directly consumable food. The food sector includes people from different backgrounds: from the local producer of cheese, to large industries, the use of moulds and / or yeast in the process is often important. In this case moulds are beneficial (eg Penicillium roqueforti for the manufacture of some cheeses), sometimes the presence of harmful mould on the production site can have disastrous consequences (eg contamination of raw materials, products, public health problems ...).

The laboratory CONIDIA put into action their knowledge and expertise in the field of mould and applying it to the food sector. We can do for you any type of work in relation to fungi and microorganisms. From the mould identification on a food product or raw material to the audit on site, our methods allow us to propose a global offer in this area. A single contact to answer all your questions about mould is a sign of responsiveness and quality. In collaboration with our various services we can offer training adapted to your sector of activity, develop alternative methods by early detection of contaminants, or help you to develop new food products.