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On-site audit

Domains of expertise related to: Indoor air Building materials Data analysis Audit

An audit is the appropriate way to develop an action plan following a disturbance on fungal production site. It will also help to develop prevention plans to avoid the appearance of nuisance. Our resources but also our listening to your problems, your requirements related to production, your work habits, can highlight areas at risk but also to develop tools leading to the eradication of the contaminant source and not recurrence.

Risks and issues?


Sources contamination in the process, buildings, raw materials ... can lead to:

Audits can also be intended to identify flora naturally present in a production or product and thus the characterization of micro-organisms needed to produce them: isolation and identificationIdentifications thereby responding to EU regulations more and more stringent.

Pharmaceutical domain:

The production of contaminated supplies may affect human health and company image.

Construction materials:

The appearance of mold on materials may lead to degrade microbiological air quality and therefore:

The audits that we propose permit to identify sources of contamination on a site and to propose suitable control solutions.

Our approach

First step, we have a meeting in your production site to define a sampling strategy corresponding to hot spots, work habits... This meeting may also help us to identify potential problems upstream (raw materials) and inform the people concerned (your supplier).

During the audit phase, the investigation itself is launched. We take samples of the microbial flora of the air and surfaces relevant to the strategic locations identified during the preliminary phase. Sampling is specialised, but it is also often temporal (several samples in the day for example). Following this sampling campaign, we conduct a quantitative analysis and / or quality of microbial flora, especially fungi and publish a spatio-temporal mapping of these.

The overall results is provided in the form of an explanatory and illustrated report pointing sources of contamination and the risks associated with mold detected. Recommendations on the risk area and means of reducing pollution are given.

Subsequent control audits can be established to verify the appropriateness of actions and vigilance to maintain at high level.

Some examples

Following contamination of Mucor on cheese artisanal production, we have conducted an audit that reduced the pressure of the contaminant through a series of tips on the development of production’s area and employees moving.

On the production site of a paramedical material manufacturer. The appearance of mold growth and rapid spread has been dramatic for the validation of production. An audit has permitted to identify the responsible species and demonstrate that the contamination came from a storage area near the production area where raw materials became contaminated.

An audit may also be useful for rational use of biocides incorporated into the process and allow for savings money. In the case of paint’s production, the analysis of the process and raw materials helped to identify hot spots where contamination could develop. A greater emphasis on these points has reduced the microbial load present in the final paint and therefore saves on the cost of using biocides.

All our audits are conducted in strict confidentiality.