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Microbiological Control

Domains of expertise related to: Food Building materials Data analysis Contrôle microbiologique

Conidia offers you its know-how to achieve microbiological control.

Your customers, your partners or even institutions require an increasing quality of your products, elimination of all health risks associated with the presence of pathogenic fungi. Thus, carry out regular monitoring of your processes and check microbial contamination of your production is a way to prove your commitment to them.

Our expertise in the field of mould can respond effectively and targeted to any application for microbial contamination (bacteria, yeasts, molds). We take care of your problem by analyzing your samples. We can indicate the degree of contamination of your products and initiate further investigation by species Identification to give you additional information about the real risks of this contamination.

We can advise you about appropriate prevention methods to minimize any further risk of contamination:

We put our expertise at your service with a strict confidentiality.