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Conidia blew three candles recently. However, its origin dates back to the laboratory of fungal Nuisance which had been for twenty years the link between companies and university.

Our activity in microbiology and more precisely in mycology brings satisfaction to many customers. We appreciate their trust and we thank us for.

For this first newsletter, we hope to give you information about our laboratory, and on certain aspects of microbiology and our business.

All conidia team is proud to present this first issue, which we hope will generate enthusiasm.

S. Vacher

Indoor air quality

Microbiological contamination of air

Air quality concerns media, politics, and also the ordinary citizen.

We receive information about pollution from many media. In summer, many bulletins warning about pollution caused by exhaust gases are sent over the radio or TV. In spring, bulletins are warning to allergens.

Standards and hospital environment

Regularly, information dealing with air quality have focused on contamination in the hospital environment:

In this area, standards for detection of some agents such as Aspergillus fumigatus are well documented: the research of species can be only qualitative but also quantitative. In any environment, molds are present.

Insulation and air treatment

Our environment is increasingly confined. Technological advances have helped to save energy by improving insulation of our habitats. This insulation limited the flux of air between inside and outside. Indoor air is not renewed naturally. The development of systems for air treatment is necessary. The CMV for bathrooms and toilets of homes is now an obligation. In offices and other public places, installing central air handling unit (CAHU) allows air flow and then a renewal of it. These facilities must be maintained to work perfectly. Why? If an accumulation of dust or waste occurs, bacteria and moulds can find suitable growth conditions if moisture (humidity) and temperature are at the optimum for microorganisms growth. For work environments, the levels of microbiological loads can be used to define the microbiological air quality.

Regular maintenance of treatment systems or airflow is required to maintain good living conditions for occupants of these places. The CONIDIA laboratory works in partnership with maintenance companies and / or renovation of CAHU.

The expertise of conidia

Conidia offers its expertise in the field of microbiology and especially for mycology Survey to the CAHU before and after cleaning the ducts and filters. Conidia also verifies the microbiological air quality because each person must be safe in their work environment. The response of conidia is divided into several stages: