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The research is regarded by many as a major element in helping to end the crisis. With the strengthening of our research team following the arrival of a doctor and a PhD student, we have strengths to become your partners.

Whether in the context of the fight against contaminants or optimize the beneficial development of strains, our techniques of molecular biology, data analysis you will find in CONIDIA an efficient and motivated partner.

Please discuss with us about your projects so that we can help you to exploit them.

S. Vacher

Biocides and the European Directive 98/8/EC


Directive 98/8/EC of February 16th 1998, aims to harmonize the European market for active substances and biocidal products which contained them. It also seeks to provide a significant degree of protection for humans, animals and the environment.

The way forward

Vendors wishing to sell biocidal products on the European market must provide a complete data with toxicological, ecological toxicity and efficacy. The complex structure of these files contains an adequate organization with the study reports on the active substance (toxicity, ecotoxicity and efficiency). For the efficacy part, the study summaries allow evaluators to verify that the activities claimed by the applicant (eg bactericidal, fungicidal ...) are well proven.

After considering the report of efficacy / toxicity Ecotoxicity +, the molecule is included in Annex I or IA if it has a biocidal efficacy and low toxicity or IB molecules marginally used as a biocide and have low toxicity.

This registration process is important because it benefits from a process of mutual recognition (= a substance registered in France is considered as registered and used in 26 other European countries)

The different categories

Currently, 23 kinds of products are listed (the disinfectant product avicide through the wood preservatives) and are deposited in various European countries. In France, close coordination between the Department of Ecology (represented by the MEEDAT) AFSSET * evaluators and organizations can conduct the evaluation and validation of files that can be spread over periods of 1 to 2 years.

* French Agency for Sanitary Security of Environment and Labor

Conidiophare on Cladosporium cladosporioides

Colonies of Cladosporium cladosporioides are dense and olive colored with a blue-gray back.

The conidia produced are abundant and the minimum growth temperature is -5 ° C and the maximum of 32 ° C. This species is able to grow at 0.86 aw at 25 ° C.

This very common species is strongly represented in the soil and plant material. Many foods can be contaminated by Cladosporium cladosporioides such as cereals, frozen meat, fresh fruit ... Few diseases are associated with this mold but people with allergies may be sensitive to its presence.

My work at Conidia

Claude, Research Engineer

"I work primarily in research and development department of the company.

My various areas of R & D are:

This is a varied job, filling well the days. The friendly atmosphere of CONIDIA give opportunity to be fully engage in the company development and its youth offers the opportunity to participate actively in its construction.