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Identification of fungi

Domains of expertise related to: Food Building materials Indoor air Imaging Data analysis Identification

The service

Conidia offers you its expertise to identify harmful moulds and fungi of industrial interest.

Your process will take you into contact with mould: they are industrially useful or harmful. Interest to identify mould is multiple:

Our method is based on a combination of two techniques: molecular biology coupled up with macro and microscopic observations. We have developed our own database: FungiDNA. It is full of hundreds of species and regularly supplemented by the addition of information (DNA sequences but also photos). Validation of identification is made by comparing the sequences with FungiDNA, international databases (eg NCBI) and visual inspection. Conidia then synthesizes this information in a report illustrated with photographs microscopic and macroscopic. The result: rapid identification, reliable and relevant.

Our services may include a thorough study of fungi, such as proteolytic capability (protein degradation), the lipolytic capacity (degradation of lipids, fats), the genetic profile identification of several target gene sequences to identify the fungus with certainty through genetic probes, and / or bioenzymatic profile to know the degradation potential of studied moulds.

Furthermore, Conidia has a R & D department to develop specific approaches (molecular biology) to detect the fungi of interest. So you can have a method adapted to highlight quickly the mould of interest or inconvenient for your industrial process.

Some examples

Conidia developed a method based on molecular biology for a manufacturer to know the degree of contamination of its raw material, before proceeding to manufacture the product. With this method, developed specifically, the industrial company reduces greatly production losses due to contaminated raw material.

In hospital, following an audit on site, identification of mould present in the samples, allowed to identify pathogenic fungi for immunocompromised persons whose immune capacity is diminished. These moulds have been confined to prevent their proliferation.

The identification and monitoring of mould on various points of a chain of production has helped to highlight the origin of the contamination. Thus, the industry could take the right decision to eliminate contamination.