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Research and development

Domains of expertise related to: Food Building materials Indoor air Imaging Data analysis Recherche et développement


The problems related to mould are often difficult to address because of their high specificities. It is often necessary to adapt or develop specific methods.

We therefore support certain crucial points of your research and development requiring a high knowledge of fungi and their capabilities, as well as all the logistics necessary for their study.

Our approach

A first contact allows us to accurately assess your application. We can then write with your cooperation, a specification resuming your needs and offer an experimental approach responding. After validation, the first trials are made in our laboratories. Following each phase of testing or development, a report and / or a presentation meeting can make assessment of the work progress and validate the approach. When the research came to end and that objectives are achieved, a detailed final report, summarizing the different stages of development is provided. All these steps are done in interaction with you, with the entire necessary rigor, combined with our expertise.

Our legitimacy

Created from a laboratory of the Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France), Conidia has kept close ties with the university network.

Also The company conidia came from the business incubator Crealys and is recognized as innovative business by Novacité (CCI Lyon).

The high level of competence of the team and its diversity allows us to meet a wide range of issues. Among our team, we can build on skills:

We have a laboratory that allows us to perform a variety of tests (including microscopy, molecular biology ...).

We have implemented a quality system allows adequate traceability of all our analysis of research and development.

With all these advantages, Conidia support your research and development in strict confidentiality.